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Online Pet First Aid Course Now Available.
Most animal lovers will acknowledge the thought of seeing our beloved furry friends ill, in pain or injured fills us with horror.
We are pleased to have partnered up with pro-trainings to offer a fantastic online pet first aid course.
Providing the option to undertake this essential training at a time to suit you, in the privacy of your own home. This course will provide the learner with all the basic first aid skills needed to deal with pet related first aid emergencies.
Including recognition of illness, management of cuts & wounds, road accidents and dog CPR this e-learning option is a great choice for dedicated pet owners.
Click on the picture link below for more info or to proceed to purchase this course.
First Aid & CPR for small and large pets
Pro Pet Aid Curriculum Includes:
  • Introduction
    • The vet and your role in first aid
    • Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
    • Car Accidents
    • Pet proofing your home
    • How pets show pain
    • Checking your pet's health
  • Pet Accidents and First Aid
    • Cat Accidents
    • Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
    • Dog CPR
    • Drowning
    • Shock
    • Broken Bones
    • Spinal injury and moving an injured pet
  • Tending to your pet
    • Controlling Bleeding
    • Dressings and Bandages
    • Paw Problems
    • Ears, Eyes, and Mouth
    • Bandaging the Ear
    • Bandaging the Tail
    • Illnesses
    • Poisoning, Bites, and Stings
    • Burns and temperature related problems
    • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Different types and sizes of animals
    • The older dog
    • Cats
    • Small dog care
    • Puppies and young animals
  • Cats and Cat Care (optional)
    • Cat Proofing your Home
    • Paws and Claws
    • Cat Feeding and Water
    • Cat Vaccinations
    • Cat Worming and Treatments
    • Choosing a Kitten
    • Pedigree Cats
    • Cat Toilet Training
    • Neutering your Cat
    • The Pregnant Cat
    • Adult Cat
  • Dog Care (optional)
    • Know Your Pet
    • General Care
    • Grooming
    • Vaccinations
    • Dog Toys
  • Summary of Pet First Aid
    • Traveling with your dog abroad
    • Pet First Aid Kits
    • Summary