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Booking Terms and Conditions
All bookings made will be confirmed via email to the customer. This will act as a provisional booking until a 20% non returnable deposit is received. This will be due within seven days of booking any course or space.
If no deposit is received after seven days the booking will not be regarded as confirmed and dates and/or spaces will be made available to others until deposit is received.
Once received a confirmation of booking will be sent via email with course details.
Cancellations made outwith 14 days of agreed training date(s) will be subject to a loss of the initial 10% non returnable deposit. Cancellations within 7 days of the agreed training date(s) will be subject to full payment and an invoice will be raised for the fee agreed at the time of booking.
If EAFA cancel training which is not related in any way to the customer we will either:
  • Offer an alternative date or course
  • Offer an alternative nearby training provider
  • Offer a suitable refund to the customer
Requests from any customer to transfer to another course or dates will be strictly subject to availability and at the discretion of EAFA. If any transfer of course dates or spaces is requested by a customer we will try our best to accommodate your needs where possible. This may include offering an alternative like for like course with another training provider and/or nearby location.
If EAFA cannot support transfer of dates or course places due to lack of availability then the customer will not be entitled to a refund and this will be at the discretion of EAFA.
If no suitable transfer is found or agreeable by EAFA the time frames and loss of fees will apply as stated in cancellations (see above).
E-Learning & Blended Learning
It remains the customers responsibility to ensure that prior to purchasing any e-learning or blended learning course packages via EAFA website that the course content is suitable for their requirements as no refunds will be given once purchase has been made.
Blended learning courses are designed to be completed prior to attending face to face consolidation training. Therefore, the customer must ensure they complete the online training session prior to attending the face to face element of the course purchased. Failure to do so may result in delay or even invalidate full certification being provided. 
Pro-trainings eu reserve the rights to all e-learning packages available via EAFA website and they hold full responsibility for course content. Pro-trainings eu reserve the right to change the content of any e-learning and blended learning course packages without prior notification.
On-site Training
EAFA provide on-site training to companies and organisations subject to the following conditions.
  • All courses are subject to a minimum and maximum number of candidates, this and the fees agreed in the booking will form part of the contract between the EAFA and the other party. Prices agreed will be payable even if changes in the number of candidates occur. Cancellation of courses will be subject to cancellation fees as above.
  • All on-site courses booked are subject to a 25% booking fee which is payable within 7 days of provisional booking.
  • EAFA charge a mileage rate for on-site courses delivered outside of a ten mile radius of our office base. This rate is set at 45p per mile and will added to the final course fee.
  • Transfer of course dates will be accommodated wherever possible but will be strictly subject to availability and at the discretion of EAFA.
  • EAFA will not be held liable to refunding any costs if a suitable on-site location to deliver training becomes unavailable and subsequently rendering the course unlikely to go ahead, unless 7 days notice or more is given to allow for relocation of training facilities.
  • Payment of fees is requested by BACS payment (terms, see below).
  • All on-site training course fees are payable within 7 days of invoice being raised via BACS. Failure to pay within this time must either be agreed by EAFA at the time of booking or will be subject to an additional 10% fee for every 5 working days over the agreed payment date. Legal proceedings will commence on the failure to settle invoices as agreed above.
EAFA cannot be held responsible for any sudden acts of god/nature which may influence their ability to deliver any training. Refunds would be agreed between EAFA and the customer as soon as possible after the event.
EAFA reserve the right to review and change our terms and conditions at any time however, the T&C sent to the customer will remain valid as were regarded current at the time of booking therefore, forming part of the agreement between EAFA and other party.
No part of East Anglia First Aid website can be replicated or used for any purpose without prior written permission of the website owners.